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About Longbow

Active 500 was originally developed in the UK and adapted to suit the Asian market. Our products are all manufactured locally to the highest possible standard, using the best quality sustainable raw materials.

Active 500 range of products are water based SUPER CONCENTRATES, which can be diluted up to 500 times

We at Longbow believes this makes Active 500 approximately 5 times more powerful than any other cleaning solutions in the Asian market.

Costing less than 1 baht per liter once diluted, we believe Active 500 to be the most cost effective cleaning products in SE Asia.

Whilst significantly reducing the environmental and carbon footprint of any organization using our range of Active 500 products.

Active 500 products are easy to use, fast, efficient, powerful and are capable of cleaning away and sanitizing the most stubborn of dirt, and stains, thus saving you time, labor and most importantly money.

Longbow (Thailand) Introduce
The Active 500
"Concentrated Solutions"

Longbow Thailand Introduction

Longbow Thailand is a cutting edge distributor of Industrial cleaning product in Thailand.

We are require to the Asian market place, being the only company producing fully biodegradable, water based SUPER CONCENTRATES that are fully compliant with FDA and SGS strict codes of compliance.

Over the past 40 years Longbow (Thailand) has developed and provided an extensive range of world class, innovative cleaning solutions, utilizing the latest technology and production techniques from Europe.

Active R

Our Aim

To provide our valued customers with the most cost effective innovative solutions for all cleaning and hygiene requirements include COVID-19. From schools to hospitals, factories to hospitality. Our aim is to revolutionize the hygiene and cleanliness of all end user environments throughout South East Asia, using techniques unparalleled in the region, whilst continuing to ensure our products conform to the strictest of environmental safety, for employee, customer and most importantly our planet.

Our Active R ranges of cleaning solutions have been developed to offer our customers an alternative ready to use solution to cleaning and hygiene requirements.

Each product in our range has been accurately diluted with reverse osmosis H2O by a factor of 10 and provides the option for a quick powerful, cost effective, ready to use alternative to our Active R range, thus negating the need to dilute on site, thus saving time and labor, however still leaving the option to self dilute by a factor of up to 20 times dependent on toughness of dirt, or grime, for cost cutting purposes.

Our entire product range is available in both Active 500 and Active R for your convenience, and is available in 5 liter or 25 liter sizes.

Our Active GO ranges of cleaning solutions have been developed to ready to use alternative to our Active GO range, thus negating the need to dilute on site, only spray and wipe for cleaning.

Our entire product range is available in 450 ml. or 500 ml. sizes (even on products).

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